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Project Log:  Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The rigging contractor was here early in the morning to get to work installing the owner's new Schaefer roller furler and headstay, along with new halyards and assorted tasks.

The new furler incorporated an extended link plate at the bottom to raise the furling drum out of the way, and this would affect the final luff length available for the genoa.  Once the furler was completed, I could measure the maximum length pin to pin so the owner could get the sail modified if necessary.  For this measurement, I held the upper swivel down a couple inches from the top to allow room for stretch in the sail or halyard, and to avoid the swivel from ever running up against the top of the extrusion.  The luff measurement was 26'-5".




Mike also assembled the rigid boom vang that had come with the new booms, and installed new halyards and a mizzen boom topping lift, for which we removed one of the two built-in reefing lines in the mizzen boom (unnecessary since the tiny mizzen had no reef points anyway) and led in the topping lift control through the blocks and jam cleats for convenient use.


The new rigging and headstay was the last major task to expunge from the list of critical pre-launch items.  With launching only a few days hence, it was nice to finally see these tasks completed.

Total Time Today:  NA

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