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Project Log:  Sunday, March 1, 2015

At some point over the past weeks, I wrapped up the sanding work on my two new small fiberglass parts--the lazarette hatch cover and the steering cylinder box--and, with paint work happening on another project in the shop, I took advantage and sprayed coats of high-build primer on the new pieces and, when cured, sanded the new primer smooth, wrapping up their construction and prep work.

There remained a couple minor odds and ends to wrap up in the boat--specifically the manual and automatic bilge pumps' final installation--but really the only significant job remaining was the cockpit, which still required paint.  I looked forward to having this done, but I needed to wait till I had some staging available in order to complete it.  That would happen in the next weeks, and in the time before then I planned to do the required preparation and masking so I could bang out the paint in as short a time as possible.

Total Time Today:  1 Hour

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