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Project Log:  Friday, May 15, 2015

With most of the major project list already complete, other than the windlass installation for which I was still awaiting key parts, and various commissioning/initialization chores that would happen over the next days and weeks, I had only a few small items to take care of on this day, starting with the cockpit winches.  Installation was not fun:  access was challenging.  I should have installed the access ports closer to the winches themselves, damn the symmetry.  But as I must, I prevailed, and the new winches looked (and sounded) terrific.  Afterwards, I installed the new inspection ports in their pre-prepared openings.


The owner had a folding boarding ladder that I installed outboard of the port coaming.


Planning for an engine test-firing soon, I reinstalled the raw water impeller, which I'd removed for safekeeping when the engine first arrived.


Total Time Today:  2.5 Hours

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