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Project Log:  Saturday, August 28, 2010

Earlier, I'd removed all the electrical system down basically as far as the pilothouse sole.  Now, I moved into the engine room to begin the clearing out process there.  I systematically stripped out the remaining wires, battery cables, and appurtenances, plus whatever hoses and other equipment I could easily remove, and which might hinder the overall washdown I planned later in the day.  I removed a plywood battery box and supports, fire suppression system, and several other installations.


There was still vinyl liner in the head, so I removed that, as before.  I cut around any obstructions and would remove the remaining bits of hardware and so forth later on.


With all the extraneous stuff out of the boat, I set up my power washer and washed down the entire interior to the extent possible, trying to dislodge any remaining mud and silt that might be hiding--plus that which was clearly visible in many areas.




In the cabin, I used the spray to remove some of the old nasty foam residue from the bulkheads that had been covered with the vinyl liner, and generally gave the whole boat a once-over.  Adding some pine-scented cleaning agent helped sweeten the interior of the boat, which had stunk of the grave, so to speak, from the old river mud and silt that had been hiding in the corners.

Worried about the inaccessible areas beneath portions of the v-berth and whether, as such, they'd be filled with mud and silt, later I drilled some large holes (inside the top storage compartments) with a hole saw to allow me to peek inside.  I was pleased to find that there was not mud and silt in there, so with that, my initial cleaning of the boat was complete, and she could now move indoors to begin the project for real.

Total Time Today:  3.25 hours

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