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Project Log:  Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'd been anxious to finish the initial cleanout so I could move the boat indoors and begin dismantling in earnest.  This seemed a good day for the job, so early in the day before work I picked the boat up on my trailer and moved her over to the gantry crane so I could lift the mast off the deck and lower it to the ground.


With the mast supported on the top of the pilothouse, I found that I didn't have enough headroom for the block and tackle to actually lift the spar, after connecting the purchase to a line tightly tied to the mast, I lifted the aft end of the mast by hand and moved it over to the edge of the pilothouse, after which I could lower it to the ground to some waiting sawhorses.  The lift point wasn't quite at the center of balance, so the spar went down at an angle, but this caused no problems.


Afterwards, I backed the boat into the shop where she'd spend the foreseeable future.  I spent some time leveling the boat as I set her on the blocks and stands, as it was easy to maneuver her while still on the trailer.


Late in the day, I attacked the mainmast.  I wanted to strip all the standing and running rigging for storage and inspection. 

If I had set out with the goal to hopelessly tangle and twist all the rigging on the mast, I doubt I could have done a better job than whoever had tied up the mast and rigging before me.  I couldn't believe how twisted everything was.  It took as long to sort out the rigging into some semblance of order as it did to actually remove and categorize it.  As a result, I didn't get as far as I'd hoped; it was very hot, and late, and by the time I'd removed the main rigging I'd had enough, so I left any additional mast dismantling for another time.

Once I had the rigging more or less cleared up, I removed the halyards and stays, coiling and labeling each for later reference.  For the moment, I'd put the rigging aside to be dealt with a bit later in the project.


Total Time Today:  3.5 hours

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