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Project Log:  Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This isn't so much a log as it is a listing of the general tasks that lie ahead for this project, listed in no particular order and not necessarily complete in scope.
  1. Repaint hull
  2. Remove Treadmaster and repaint deck
  3. Redesign and rebuild galley
  4. Rebuild dinette
  5. Fill in V to make double berth forward
  6. Reconfigure storage space in hanging locker
  7. Rebuild pilothouse cabinetry and helm area
  8. Reconfigure pilothouse settee (stb. side)
  9. Add fuel and water tankage
  10. Replace all systems:  fuel, potable water, sanitation, electrical, engine-related
  11. Repower
  12. Refinish exterior teak
  13. Install new headliner

Total Time Today:  n/a

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