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Project Log:  Sunday, November 21, 2010

The old steel fuel tank was cluttering up the cockpit and needed to go.  Because of the tank's bulk and weight, I needed some help to get the tank to the ground, and during its original removal I'd left it in the cockpit till I could come up with a good way to get the tank safely to the ground.

I set up a 4:1 tackle, which I tied to the corner of the pilothouse.  With the other end secured to a line wrapped around the tank, it was easy enough to lift the tank onto the coaming one corner at a time, then drop it down outside the hull in a controlled manner.  I wasn't too worried about a rogue scrape or bump at this point, since I'd not yet addressed the hull surface prep, but nonetheless I used an old sheet to keep the tank fittings from scarring up the boat on the way down.

The high level of dust reflected by the flash in the middle photo apparently came from moving the ladder, which was covered with sanding dust, to make room for the tank's descent.

From seemingly insignificant progress grows the opportunity for greater project advancement.


Total Time Today:  .5 hours

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