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Project Log:  Sunday, June 12, 2011

After preparing the bonding surfaces with a solvent wash, I installed the 1/4" cherry bulkhead veneer on all four bulkheads in the main cabin.  To secure the panels, I chose polyurethane adhesive (5200 quick cure) for its great strength, appropriate consistency, ease and convenience of application, and friendly open-working time. I held the panels in place with clamps (where possible) and cross bracing to the bulkhead at the opposite end of the cabin.  In two or three inconspicuous areas, I installed a temporary screw to pull the plywood into the adhesive.



With degreasing/dewaxing solvents, I cleaned the inside surfaces of the two molded fuel tank recesses, hoping to remove any trace wax left over from the construction process.  Then, I lightly sanded the pieces to prepare for surfacing, primer, and paint.  I rounded the edges of the flanges, and created 1/2" radii on the flange corners for best appearance.

The modified port unit came out well.


Both pieces required minimal surfacing to fill a few voids at the sharp inside corners, as well as a general skim coat to prepare the surface for additional finishing steps.

Total Time Today:  3.25 hours

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