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Project Log:  Sunday, June 26, 2011

With all the support cleats in place, I continued work on the dinette base.  To begin, I prepared a piece of inexpensive luaun plywood as a template for the two transverse bulkheads that would define part of the "U" of the dinette and extend all the way to the hull to support the platform.  Cutting the luaun to the proper height (16-1/2"), and leaving it overlong, over a couple test fits I scribed the shape of the hull onto the outboard end, beginning with the after bulkhead.

After transferring the pattern to a sheet of 1/2" Perfecta cherry plywood, I scribed the hull at the forward bulkhead location onto the same template, recut it, and, once happy with the fit, cut the second transverse bulkhead section from cherry plywood.

Next, I prepared the short longitudinal sections, one at each end.  I butted the plywood together at the 90° corner, the end grain to be covered with trim sometime later, and installed hardwood cleats inside the joint, which I glued and screwed to each section from the inside.  I also glued and screwed the plywood to the cleats along the base.  Before installing the long pieces, I treated the raw plywood edge (where they contacted the hull) with epoxy resin to seal the end grain, and secured the top corner to the hull with a dab of hot glue to hold it in the proper alignment, plumb and level.


With the main pieces secured in place, I applied epoxy fillets to the seam between bulkheads and hull, then installed 4" biaxial tabbing to each side.


Finally, I cut to fit and installed the last section, the center of the "U".  I secured this to new vertical cleats on each of the transverse bulkheads.



Total Time Today:  4.5 hours

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