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Project Log:  Sunday, March 6, 2011

The new tabbing and epoxy on the forward water tank platform had cured overnight, so I washed, dried, and lightly sanded the area, as per usual.  Then, I slipped the tank into position on the new platform.


At the aft end, I measured for a transverse bulkhead, which would help hold the tank in place and separate the compartment.  Measurements in hand, I cut out the new bulkhead, choosing an overall height of 18-1/2", which was roughly 2" taller than the top of the tank but still shy of the final height of the V-berth platform, which I did not yet know.

At the center of the new bulkhead, I cut out a half circle to provide access to the tank's drain fitting.

It would be difficult to get the tank in place over the top of this new bulkhead, so to get the tank out of the way I secured it to the chainlocker bulkhead with some line, pulling it several inches forward and upwards.  This gave me enough room to work on securing the new transverse bulkhead.

I used some hot-melt glue to hold the bottom of the bulkhead in place on top of the aft edge of the horizontal platform, then secured the sides and inside lower edge of the bulkhead with epoxy fillets and tabbing to hold it securely.


Total Time Today:  2.25 hours

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