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Project Log:  Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I installed the newly-varnished panels to line the lower galley lockers, completing those areas for the moment.  These are the views through the locker openings in the front panel.


With the front panel temporarily installed, I marked out a location for a support cleat to hold the small shelf required for the trash bin assembly, then installed the cleat and cut and fit a shelf to suit.  I marked the position of the base on the shelf.


With this complete, I removed the little shelf and cut an access hole through its enter, just to ease access to the plumbing conduit beneath; there was no structural reason the shelf needed to remain whole.  Then, I varnished both sides of the shelf.

Hoping I wasn't forgetting any important installations (I couldn't think of any), I finally installed the galley front permanently, using glue and screws.

Next, I installed the lower platform of the range enclosure, then the vertical cleats and plywood panel to close off the back side.  I didn't install the back panel just yet, as I needed to cut an access hatch and drill a hole for the propane fuel line.

To help hold the refrigerator in place in its locker, which was a bit wider than the fridge itself, I installed 3" tall plywood cleats on either side of the refrigerator footprint, which would hold it in a fore-and-aft direction.  The locker's length (transverse direction) would hold the unit on its own.

Before installing the refrigerator shelf, I removed it and painted it.

I was pleased to be closing in on the completion of the main galley cabinet, though there was still work ahead before the job was truly done.


Total Time Today:  4.25 hours

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