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Project Log:  Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There remained a number of small details to take care of in the galley, but I thought I was closing in on the end of the main lower cabinet construction.

To begin, I installed the shelf that would contain the refrigerator in its compartment.

I installed the little shelf to hold the trash bin, though I later removed it for access beneath.  This shelf would remain removable.

I cut a number of cherry bungs and installed them in the screw holes on the front of the cabinet and toekick.

I removed the back panel from behind the range cutout, and cut an access hatch so I could get into the space behind in the future (for what purpose I didn't know).  I also prepared a hole for the LPG hose, which I'd run through a special bulkhead clamp later.

Since this hatch would be partially visible, I built a locker door from the center of the plywood cutout, trimming the edges on the saw and adding solid cherry trim around the perimeter, which I milled for a slight overlap to cover the raw opening.  I'd secure this with a couple screws when the time came.


I thought the forwardmost galley cabinet would be more useful if there was a shelf just inside the top locker opening.  To this end, I temporarily installed the countertop and sink so I could ensure there'd be ample clearance, then laid out for some support cleats along the forward bulkhead and against the inside of the cabinet front.   I cut a shelf from 1/2" cherry plywood to fit the space; the outboard end of the shelf rested directly against the hull.


I didn't install this shelf yet, as I needed to finish the shelf and paint the inside of the locker; I'd keep this shelf removable anyway.  While I had the sink in place, I sighted through the sink's drain opening and made a mark on the shelf below, where I then cut a 4" hole to provide passage for the sink drain and supply hoses through the shelf.

Next, I trimmed the new bungs and lightly sanded the entire cabinet front and toekick, then cleaned up the entire galley area with vacuum and solvent.  Then, I painted the hull and other portions of the lockers as needed, leaving an unpainted area in the forward locker where I planned to install a new through hull in the immediate future.


Afterwards, I applied a sealer coat of varnish to the new cabinetry, along with various panels and small parts that I had down on the bench.


Total Time Today:  5 hours

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