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Project Log:  Sunday, August 26, 2012

I spent the morning laying out for the v-berth ceiling support (hull liner).  Starting from the after bulkhead, various measurements eventually led me to a 12" spacing between the cleats, which resulted in a nearly symmetrical layout forward and aft on each side, with the forward two cleats slightly closer together.

Complicating the layout was the need to accommodate the two pair of deadlights in the hull.  My plan was to leave a flat area around each port to allow the proper installation of the deadlight frames, and also to provide a clear definition between the ports' areas and the surrounding wooden ceiling.  I chose to use the future ceiling strips themselves as the baseline for the four edges of the openings:  that is, the top and lower edges would be parallel to the strips (which in turn would follow the line of the deck above, rather than level or horizontal). The forward and after edges of the openings would stay in line with the position of the other support cleats. 

This all led to a vaguely rhombus-shaped opening around each of the four deadlights.


While I was in layout mode, I measured and marked for support cleats for the overhead in this space, the area beneath the sidedecks and foredeck.  Here, I chose standard 16" on-center spacing to match what I'd done with the overhead elsewhere in the cabin, starting at the aft end and working forwad.


After measuring and cutting to length all the 1/2" x 1" plywood cleats needed for the job, and thoroughly cleaning the raw fiberglass of the hull, I glued the ceiling support strips in place with epoxy adhesive, using small dabs of hot glue to hold the strips into the slight curvature of the hull.  Fortunately, the bending was minimal, and the hot glue did the job, though I had one strip pop away while I was still working, fortunately, so I was able to clean up the area and reinstall a strip in that area.  I installed only the vertical strips for now; I'd do the areas around the ports later.



I left the overhead for another day.

Total Time Today:  4.25 hours

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