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Project Log:  Sunday, January 8, 2012

I didn't feel like getting going on anything significant. My next major direction was likely to be the work leading up to the engine installation, but I wasn't ready to start that till I'd obtained the materials needed for the work, and anyway, the first step would be some additional grinder work in the engine room that I just didn't feel like doing now.  So I took care of a few small and random details instead.

First, I removed all the clamps and braces securing the new paneling in the pilothouse.

I removed all the temporary screws I'd used to hold the overhead cleats in place during their installation.

Portions of the interior were ready for trim whenever the spirit moved me, so I made a series of measurements and listed the basic trim I'd need to mill up and prepare.

The head space was an area I'd not thought much about, as it was self-defined and my plans for the space were straightforward.  Since it was unlikely that I'd turn my efforts towards the head anytime soon, I decided to turn it into an quasi storage room; I'd already been using the space for some of the miscellany I was keeping on board.  I'd been using the forward cabin for tool storage, but I planned to soon begin additional work up there, so felt it was best to clear out the clutter sooner than later.

To that end, I installed some temporary shelves in the head using basic metal shelf brackets, all of which I'd remove later.

Total Time Today:  2 hours

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