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Project Log:  Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taking advantage of a slack moment, I thought I'd quickly hook up a throttle cable between the engine and the new control to determine just how far the throttle lever needed to travel.  Adequate clearance for the throttle handle was at issue; I needed the practical illustration of the maximum travel to realistically help determine the final placement of the control unit on the console.

In order to effect the test I had in mind, I found I had to first change the orientation of the inner workings of the control unit itself.  Since my engine required a "pull to advance" orientation ( i.e. advancing the throttle lever pulls on the cable, which in turn pulls on the throttle arm on the engine), and the control came standard with a "push" arrangement, I needed to switch things around.  This was straightforward enough, but took some time.

In the photos, note the different positions of the round top piece with the pin (inverted in the second photo)and the "V"-shaped assembly directly beneath, also inverted to convert to "pull" operation.

Original Configuration

New Configuration

Similarly, the simple act of hooking up the control cables, even for a brief actuation test, required more or less installing them as they would be in the final version, which took a few minutes, mostly fumbling with the small screws and nuts on the cable clamps on the engine.   I eventually hooked up the sample cable and actuated the lever to full extent of the throttle arm on the engine.  The lever ended up a bit less than its full possible travel with no cable attached, but was still substantially forward, ending with the tip of the handle 1-2" above a horizontal plane. 



With the information I needed now determined and recorded, I disassembled the cable and various parts, and stored them away till they'd be needed for final installation.

Total Time Today:  1 hour

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