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Project Log:  Friday, July 6, 2012

With seemingly a good weather window coming up in a few days, I continued early preparations for the mast painting.  There was still unsanded epoxy over the filled screw holes, so I sanded that smooth and also sanded all surfaces of both spars.  Since the masts were in good condition, I planned to follow the simplest product application possible, using Cor-Spec 135 primer followed (within 3-24 hours) by the final topcoats, and this approach called for sanding with 180 grit paper, since the chromate primer was a very thin coating that wouldn't fill deeper sanding scratches.  Other than timing and weather-related issues, I'd had excellent adhesion and longevity using a similar aluminum system from Awlgrip in the past.

The aluminum would re-oxidize over the next day or two, so I'd have to sand again, but I felt that the initial sanding all over was worth it since it would make the final sanding quicker and easier.  The remainder of the preparation and painting system would include a new sanding followed by chemical etching and conversion coating, followed by a single coat of the Cor-Spec primer.  After this, the topcoats could go on directly over the primer, starting after minimum three hours and up to 24 hours after application (without a need to sand or repeat any previous steps). So I hoped I could complete all the steps in a single day, but held out the possibility of doing the finish coats the next morning if needed.  This is why a minimum two-day window of clear and dry weather was desirable.

Not sure why my camera is washing out some (but not all) photos with that bright blur, but there you are. 

Total Time Today:  3 hours

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