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Project Log:  Sunday, May 20, 2012

I started in the main cabin, where I sanded the latest coast of varnish.  The next coat would be satin varnish.  Laying down the base coats over the entire area at once had been fine, but with so many interconnected surfaces staying ahead of the wet edge had been challenging at times--not such a big deal during base coats, but more important with the finish coat.  Therefore, for the final coat or two, I planned to mask off various areas to keep the surfaces smaller and easier to varnish successfully, and less time-consuming for each application.

However, I simply didn't feel like masking and varnishing, so with only a short time available for work on this day, I decided to focus elsewhere. Sometimes, moving the project forward is about getting a certain job done no matter what; other times, it's more about doing something I felt like doing.  So, back at the helm console I secured the three steering hoses off to one side with some oversized rubber-lined clamps to avoid pinching the lines.


Next in my installation logic hierarchy was the auxiliary electric switch panel at the top of the console, which housed switches for navigation lighting, wipers, and other often-used functions.  I planned to eventually wire the panels through terminal blocks, where all the service wires from elsewhere in the boat would connect, so to this end I pre-wired the small panel with individual wires for each circuit, plus #2 cable for the main + and - connections, allowing some extra length for routing the wires and securing them wherever I ended up placing the terminal blocks.

Next, I installed the panel in its opening, and, after considering the wire routing and other installations, glued in some wire tie holders for the panel's cables and wiring.  This brought me to the end of the time I had available.


Total Time Today:  2.75 hours

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