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Project Log:  Saturday, November 24, 2012

Earlier in the week, I prepared the new overhead panels from the forward cabin, lightly sanding them as needed, then primed all surfaces--exposed side, underside, and edges.


With the primer fully dry, I sanded the new primer, then applied the first coat of finish paint, a semi-gloss white enamel.

In the main cabin, the overhead required some additional cleats around the two hatch openings that I'd cut earlier.  On some earlier day I had measured and cut the cleat stock for these openings, so to install them it was a straightforward matter using epoxy adhesive and screws to hold the cleats while the adhesive cured.  These cleats would allow me to secure the overhead panels around the openings.


Continuing with the overhead, I created templates of the main cabin and passageway, building three separate templates in place using the same techniques I'd used earlier on the forward cabin.  I built all three at once, then removed them so I could prepare the actual panels.



Down on the bench, I began with the port overhead, and laid out the cuts.  I made a mistake in my early layout, so I repositioned the template and remarked everything; the old layout lines were still visible on the finished panel.

I made an attempt, but there was no way I was going to get this large a panel successfully installed in one piece without damaging the surrounding areas and other issues, so I cut the panel into two pieces along one of the cleat lines, then installed the two pieces separately.



Initially, I let the overhead panel pass right over the hatch opening.  From above, I traced the position of the opening on the plywood beneath, so I could cut it out when I removed the panel later.

I had enough time left in the afternoon to cut out the small section for the passageway, and temporarily installed it.  I cut an opening against the head bulkhead where the mast wires could come down, to eventually connect to a terminal block/junction box that I'd install (and later cover) there.


Total Time Today:  6.5 hours (plus one hour total time over two additional days)

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