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Project Log:  Thursday, November 29, 2012

Earlier in the week, over two separate days as time allowed, I applied two coats of semi-gloss enamel to the newest overhead sections and the dinette platform, as well as the V-berth platform.  This completed the paint in these areas.



The overhead panels for the forward cabin had had sufficient cure time since their last coat of paint, so I moved forward with installation.  First, however, I prepared a backing plate from 3/4" solid fiberglass, which fit snugly in the opening I'd allowed in the two large overhead panels.  This would provide the backing for the main mooring bit on the foredeck.

With the sizing complete, and after testing the backing plate in the boat (where I'd previously traced out the opening footprint), I sanded it and applied a coat of primer.  The backing plate would end up more or less flush with the finished overhead, and as of this writing I was not yet decided on how I'd trim it out, but the surface would likely remain exposed.  I'd complete the painting before installing the backing plate.

Next, I installed the fresh overhead panels in the forward cabin.  Later, I'd prepare and install cherry trim over the seams and screw locations.


In the meantime, other trim in the forward cabin took precedence, and was the initial motivation behind completing the overhead in the first place.  The cabin trunk area required trim pieces at the corners, to hide the seams between cherry panels.  Beginning with the two aft corners, I used a section of trim left over from the pilothouse, and cut and installed the corner trim flush with the bottom of the new overhead panels.


I started work on the trim for the angled forward corners, which would appear outwardly similar but the shape of the joint required a different shape on the back side, but got sidetracked with a phone call late in the afternoon and was unable to complete the trim.

Total Time Today:  6 hours (including 3.25 hours over two additional days)

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