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Project Log:  Friday, November 30, 2012

From cherry stock, I milled a length of molding in the desired profile for the two forward corners of the cabin trunk in the forward cabin.  The trim featured a profile outwardly similar to the nearby trim at the after corners, but much thinner in order to span the obtuse angle of the forward corners.

After various test-fitting steps to fine-tune the angle cuts at the top and bottom of the trim, I installed it with glue.


To cover the edge of the overhead panels, I prepared lengths of 1/4" thick cherry milled to complement the design of the corner trims.  Using scraps, I determined the angled cuts required at each end, and over a few test fits got the new trim to fit in place as desired, after which I glued it in place.


The curved forward end of the cabin trunk would require a similar length of trim, but the compound curvature would probably require me to shape it from a wider board, as the trim needed to accommodate not only the curved shape of the cabin trunk, but also the camber of the deck.  In any event, I left this task for next time.

Total Time Today:  3 hours

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