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Project Log:  Saturday, January 26, 2013

I continued work with the wiring, this time focusing on the fan heaters and their required wiring.  During an earlier wiring stage, I'd completed some of this wiring in advance, specifically related to the pilothouse fan heater control, for which I ran a pair of wires down to a nearby terminal block.

To complete the pilothouse fan heater wiring, as well as wire in the main cabin fan heater and its control, there were additional wires to run.  Each fan heater required a pair of wires, plus a 2 amp fuse for device protection.

Completing the pilothouse heater wiring was simple enough, given its proximity to the console and the fact that the two wires to the control had already been run.  I installed a fuse holder near the fan itself, and in this case, since this was the first fan heater in the heat zone, I ran the wires through an aquastat control clamped to the pipe above; this would prevent the fan from operating till the water temperature within reached a certain threshold, so the fan wouldn't blow cold air.  I connected the positive wire to the appropriate terminal in the console, and the ground to a negative distribution buss. 

For the main cabin, I ran a sheathed wire pair into the cabinet, following a path partly determined by the depthsounder transducer cable that I'd run earlier.  This fan heater didn't require an aquastat, since it was on the same zone as and downstream from the pilothouse heater.  (Though during the planning stage I'd considered two separate heating zones, I deemed this frivolous and went with a single zone in the interest of relative simplicity.)  As before, I connected these with a 2 amp fuse.

I had another fan control (low/high) for this heater, and decided to place it above the dinette, near a USB charging port I'd previously installed, and creating a mini "control center" of sorts.  This meant that I had to run two red wires out to the new control from a terminal strip in the console:  one wire for 12V power (eventually connected to the main distribution panel and a dedicated circuit breaker for the two fan heaters); the other wire for the heater control itself, i.e. the other end of the red wire I'd just connected to the heater.  As in all cases, I determined these wire runs and their destinations based on various wiring diagrams supplied along with the diesel boiler and fan heaters; as needed, I extrapolated and massaged the information to fit my own installation specifics versus the generic wiring diagrams.


To round out the fan heater wiring, I ran wires from the appropriate terminal blocks to the main distribution panel--two power supply wires, one for each fan heater--and connected them to the proper circuit breaker.

Still remaining to complete the heating system wiring was the thermostat installation and related wiring, which would be the final stage of this process.

Total Time Today:  4.5 hours

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