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Project Log:  Sunday, April 20, 2014

I took care of a couple literal loose ends, and made the final connections for the electric bilge pump.  Red and brown wires don't match up on the terminal block because I didn't think much about the final wire colors when I'd pre-wired the switch in the console a couple years earlier, using a sheathed three-conductor cable, and it was more trouble than it was worth to try and switch the wire colors at either end of the circuit, since it just didn't matter.  I installed a fuse in the main power line in (62), which led from the always-hot side of the battery switch; with a jumper on the terminal block, this also gave me a couple additional "always hot" terminals should I need them for anything else.


In the lazarette, I made up the final connections for the stern light and secured the wiring.

On the head door, I installed a hook latch at the top to hold the door securely should sea conditions ever prove too much for the regular roller catches.

Towards the end of the day, I removed the refrigerator from its storage space so I could take care of some final details there.  I couldn't remember whether or not I'd completed the wiring to the fridge's outlet (I had), and also wanted to install a small fan inside the space adjacent to the refrigerator to aid in ventilation if needed.  I had the fan on hand (a computer fan), but needed a switch before I could install it.  Other chores in this area that I planned to deal with included restraining the fridge against movement, and installing latches on the door to the space.  By the time I'd worked through these thoughts, I'd run out of time for the day.

Total Time Today:  3 hours

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