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Project Log:  Thursday, February 13, 2014

During the week, I applied several coats of varnish to the new running boards, one per day.  I'd keep going for a while before I called them "complete".




I decided to treat the raw bronze deadlight frames with clear Alexseal LPU to maintain their antiqued but bright appearance.  So with a small disposable sprayer I applied several coats during the day.  Meanwhile, I cleaned up the still-chromed inner trim rings to prepare them for installation.


To better prepare the boat for some of the deck work ahead, I cut and installed protective paper over the sidedecks and foredeck so I could dance around without so much worry about scuffing or dirtying the decks.  Not my favorite, nor the most satisfying, task, but one that would pay dividends when I stopped having to tiptoe around.  Among the deck tasks ahead was to get more varnish on the caprails, required before I could reinstall the stanchions and pulpits, which I needed to get to sooner than later so I could order new lifelines.


Meanwhile, I located parts required to complete the GPS and AIS/GPS antenna installations on the pilothouse, as I'd temporarily misplaced one of the mounting brackets (I found it).  I planned to install these soon as part of my effort to seal up all deck areas.

In the cabin, I started thinking about the head, the last untouched space in the boat.  While I still didn't know with what material or coating I'd treat the bulkheads in this space--with the goal of making it an essentially water resistant space to use as a shower without concern--it was time to start dealing with the shower pan, head platform, and through hulls.  I'd ordered the through hulls needed and would install them soon, once I determined how to lay out the platform.

I'd kept the original (still dirty and untouched) molded shower pan from the boat, which I could and would refinish and reuse for the head sole, and I'd build the rest of the area around this feature. 


Total Time Today:  2.75 hours

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