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Project Log:  Friday, February 14, 2014

I had an old 6" bronze binnacle compass that I'd purchased a long time ago, and the pilothouse was ready for it now.  I made various attempts to shine up the bronze binnacle, including house-made polishes, commercial metal polish, and other things, but nothing touched the antiqued, darkened bronze.  In the end, I didn't mind, and it was probably just as well to have it left the way it was.

I installed the binnacle on the centerline of the pilothouse dashboard, on a semi-circular platform I'd included for this purpose.  I t just made me feel good to install it, and also got it out of the way down in the shop, where it'd been lurking forever.  I'd hook up the light sometime later.


Now that the tank fill recesses were in place, I could complete the plumbing to the tanks.  Much earlier, I'd already run a length of fill hose and vent hose to the center (aft) fuel tank, leaving the unattached end of the hoses loose in the port utility space in the meantime.  So I started with that, then prepared new lengths of the appropriate style hose to connect the port fuel tank fill and vent, plus the port water tank fill and vent.


Then, I repeated the process on the starboard side.


During the early stages of the project, I'd rebedded the caprails, and before reinstallation I cleaned up the boards and applied several coats of varnish.  After installation, I bunged the screw holes, but other than chiseling away most of the excess bungs I'd otherwise left the rails untouched since.  Before I could continue the varnish work, I had to sand smooth the remaining bungs and traces of epoxy from around them; I followed this with an overall sanding to prepare for varnish, and masked off the caprails where needed.

At the end of the day, I applied a coat of varnish to the caprails.



Finally, I had time for more varnish on the running light boards.


Total Time Today:  4.5 hours

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