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Project Log:  Friday, January 10, 2014

The remaining masking tape covering the caprails came off mostly in tiny bits, making the job a long and occasionally blindingly frustrating process.  Like all unpleasantries, eventually it was over.



Next on the agenda was to install the new name and port on both sides of the transom.  I'd ordered and picked up the new lettering from a local vinyl shop earlier in the week. 

Referring to the paper mockups I'd made long ago for sizing and positioning info, I made some basic measurements and layout, and played around with the result till I was happy with the reality of it versus the concept. 

I found that the hailport was not centered beneath the name as cut from the shop, and though I tried to ignore the slight half-inch misalignment (as seen in the lefthand photo below), eventually I found a need to cut off the port section of the sheet and reposition it properly centered below the name.


With the position on the port side determined, I transferred key measurements to the other side and repeated the process.


With reference marks in place, I installed the vinyl lettering permanently.  The name is 4" high, and the port 2-1/2" high; the font is called "Newtext", and both name and hailport are gold leaf with narrow white outline.


The finishing touch to the paint work, and to this lengthy but satisfying phase of the project, was to paint the bottom and cover up the last of the ugly.




Total Time Today:  6.5 hours

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