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Project Log:  Monday, March 31, 2014

Continuing work on the head doorway, I spent some time dry-fitting the new door trim pieces, beginning with a solid sill at the bottom, on which I'd cut a small angle on the inside portion (on the head side of where the door stop would eventually end up), designed to shed water.  With the sill in place, I cut and fitted the side and top pieces, mitering the top corners.

Once I'd cut all the pieces properly, I installed them permanently.  First, I installed the sill, then installed the remaining pieces with glue and stainless brads that I drove into the area that would later be covered by the door stops.



Next, from 7/8" square stock that I'd prepared and seal-coated along with the trim, I installed the door stop all the way around the opening, friction-fitting the pieces and finally installing with glue and brads to hold them before installing flush bronze screws that held them, as well as the trim beneath, in place securely  I set the door stop 3/4" in from the outside edge, the thickness of the door.




Now that I had the final opening size, from stock I'd prepared earlier I cut to length rails and stiles for the door itself, allowing room for hinges as well as a small gap all the way around.  I planned a simple flat panel door, with two plywood panels and a simple frame.  I planned to use screws for added strength at the joints, so this meant I could dry-assemble the frame and easily test-fit it in the opening.  I found my first width measurement was a little tight at the top, so I slightly trimmed the three rails as needed.



With the pieces cut to their final lengths, I milled grooves on the inside edges, then cut 1/4" cherry plywood panels to fit.  I dry-fit the assembly to check the fit, but left final gluing for next time.


Total Time Today:  4.5 hours

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