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Project Log:  Thursday, May 7, 2015

The owner elected to specify a line cutter for the propeller shaft, and chose a simple one-piece cutter fabricated in Maine for the job. 

Installation required that I remove the propeller, which was no problem to do since the boat had never been in the water, so the propeller slipped off with ease, though I still used the puller to do so.  Before removing the propeller, I made a little mark on the shaft to show the forward face of the hub, since the prop cutter wanted to be close to that point.


With the prop off, I slipped on the cutter and positioned it appropriately, then marked the shaft for the single set screw that would secure the cutter in place.  With the mark made, I used a center punch and drill to dimple the shaft for the set screw.


After installing the set screw and securing the cutter in place, I reinstalled the propeller, completing the job.


With an insurance survey taking place on board, I chose to work on the mizzen mast and mount the radome.  I'd already mounted the bases for the original radar mount, so to install the mount itself simply required four bolts, protected with Tef-Gel.  Then, I installed an adapter plate I'd purchased to allow mounting of the new radome, which had a different bolt pattern than the original.


To attach the dome, first I connected and secured the cable through its molded channel, since I'd be leading the cable out the aft end of the dome and down the mast.  Then, I secured it to the mount with the four bolts required.


I surface-mounted the cable down the forward port side of the spar, towards its eventual goal of the new fitting in the deck through which it would pass to be connected.  I secured the cable every 16" with a rubber-lined cable clamp and machine screw in a tapped hole, as always protected with a dab of Tef-Gel.  The number of cable clamps required to secure the cable exceeded by four the number I had on hand, so at the bottom I drilled and tapped all the holes for the missing clamps, to make later installation easy, and used my final clamp to secure the bottom of the cable near the mast base.


I'd hoped to wrap up the mizzen work this day, with the final installation of halyard cleats and winch, but with other goings on, boats leaving the shop, and other distractions, my effective day was shorter than planned.  I did clean up and reinstall the mizzen mast base, and also attached the VHF antenna at the mast head.


Total Time Today:  4.75 Hours

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